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Is Migrating of Files from Mac to Windows, Reliable when Hard-drive goes Corrupt?

The blog goes into the details of resolving the query as to whether it is reliable enough to transfer files from Macintosh to Windows PC in case the hard drive of the former gets damaged. Obviously to get an answer the hard disks have to be examined properly and corruption level determined. It is only then that the question: ‘Is migrating files from Mac to Windows reliable when hard-drive goes corrupt?’ can be given an apt answer.


Hard Drive & What Happens When it Gets Damaged

Significance of Hard drive-

  • It is one of the most significant components of any computer system, be it Microsoft’s Windows OS or Apple’s Macintosh. This is because hard disk drives are data storage devices usually embed in PCs and Mac machines for both storage of information in digital format as well as for data retrieval.
  • Moreover, a hard disk retains stored data even when machines are off and then switched on. Therefore, it is also used for the installation of several applications that assists users in different ways for different specific purposes.

What, When HDD Goes into Corrupt State?

  • Undoubtedly, the above mentioned activities and utilization is possible when hard drive is in a healthy state. But the question is do systems function in the same way when a hard disk becomes corrupted and is migrating files from Mac to Windows reliable when hard-drive goes corrupt.
  • The answer is probably no but it depends on the level of logical and physical corruption also. This is because if the hard drive is extremely corrupted then the data files stored within it get inaccessible as well as the backup file also get unavailable.

Can the Stored Data Files be recovered?

  • However, data from Mac hard disk drive can be retrieved if within recovery limits, either manually or with the use of any external utility and then the files can be transferred to avoid corruption cases in near or far future.
  • But then another query rises up as to how the data files should be migrated. This is due to the reason that Mac hard drives, though not prone to corruption issues are also not immune to them.


How to Transfer Data from Mac to Windows?

To move data from Mac to Windows OS, there should be file system compatibility between the operating systems. Therefore, an application called FreeAgent GoFlex drives by Seagate that contain Paragon driver can be installed and used for migration of data files. But for non-GoFlex drives, Windows does not support the Mac file system and it cannot be read. However, both Mac and Windows can read the FAT32 file system, but it is suggested for a short time only to transport data. This is because data corruption becomes common when FAT32 is used for a longer period of time in Macintosh machine.

So, it is advised to divide the drive in 32GB size partitions and format as FAT32. Again, any third-party tool that permits seeing Macintosh formatted partitions can be used as a substitute to FAT32 file system for external hard drives.

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