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Repair OS X Yosemite Drive

Mac OS is rarely confronted with damaging issues. However, there is still a slight possibility that it may, in some extreme circumstances. This guide will help you discover the issues on a Yosemite OS X version, validate them, and then repair OS X Yosemite drive to get rid of the problems associated. Before confirming the need of repair, one must not proceed with it. Thus, we have laid out some tips to confirm the issues along with the troubleshooting utilities and steps to use them for repairing a Yosemite drive.


How to Validate Damage?

There are plenty of ways to know for sure that your OS is having issues that may probably lead to data loss on the worsening of scenario. Following are some hints that may appear just before:

  • Particular data from your system has suddenly gone missing
  • Mac maintenance issues surfacing
  • Sudden degrade or failure of your OS performance since a crash or improper shutdown

The downfall of system performance mainly denotes the gradually severing issues of your Mac and its incapability of locating data on the drive. Entire Mac data storage is done within a directory located on the drive. Later, when the OS requires accessing it, it refers to that drive.

In case of failure surfaced in accessing or locating a data is encountered, the system will certainly have a hard time looking for what you are searching. Thus, a sluggish performance of the Mac OS is confronted leading you to look for a solution.

How to Repair OS X Yosemite Drive with the Help of Mac Utilities?

Apple is popularly known for being an intuitive platform. The OS is built keeping in mind the situations users can possibly get caught in. Thus, provision of suitable and capable utilities is done on a prior note it. This way, issues are timely tackled without risking the data involved and associated.

Following are the utilities provided by Mac as inbuilt that are part of the Disk Utility program:

  • Repair Disk Permissions
  • Repair Disk

Prerequisites & Precautions

Before trying any of the suggested tools/utilities, you are strictly advised to backup all your important data. In order to get rid of the issue you obviously won’t risk losing your data. Thus, taking a backup on a separate/different location or machine is advised to safeguard it.

  1. Using Repair Disk Permissions

Though, sometimes the Repair Disk Permissions utility could itself be the cause of issue but that only happens in the case of third party involvement. Nevertheless the affect is reflected on the system’s performance as well and as a result the use of Repair Disk Permissions utility arises.

So, here we will be listing the steps that need to be followed for working with the tool and rectify the issue:

  • Restart your machine then press Command and R key simultaneously.
  • This will launch Disk Utility
  • Once launched, a list of options will get displayed on the left pane of the window. Click on Mac.
  • On the bottom left corner of the window, a First Aid pane will appear in which 2 commands can be seen:
    • Verify Disk Permissions
    • And, Repair Disk Permissions
  • Choose the ‘Repair Disk Permissions’ button

NOTE: Do not choose both the buttons at once as ‘Repair Disk Permissions’ is programmed to automatically run the Verify disk command. Thus, selecting it would unnecessarily repeat the operation.

  1. Repair Disk
  • Reboot your Mac machine, then press Command key along with R.
  • This will launch Disk Utility.
  • Select Mac from the list of options displayed on the left pane of the utility window.
  • Choose the Repair Disk button given on the bottom right side of the window for Repair Disk Permissions.


This is how you can rectify the issues with Mac and repair OS X Yosemite drive successfully. The steps described here are expert tested and cause no adverse circumstances to erupt. In case of further queries, you can leave comments for the same and a suitable answer shall soon be posted for it.