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Problems Sending/Receiving Emails in Outlook for Mac 2011 Mail Client

Mail clients along with electronic mails are at the present time one of the main necessities for us in terms of professional communication or it could be for interacting with friends, colleagues whatsoever the purpose would be as a matter of fact it has gradually become one major part of our lives anyhow though the minute it will stop working properly, I’m pretty much sure that we all will be in deep trouble. Moreover will start thinking the very next second; actually will start panicking that how are we going to manage our work, how are we going to communicate etc. Thus as to overcome this situation with Outlook for Mac 2011 mail client wherein you might become unable to Send/Receive mails then quickly follow the instructions given below: –


Step 1. Try Restarting Outlook

In order to close Outlook, push Outlook situated at the top (in toolbars) and opt QUIT. If you are unable to quit Outlook or can’t locate where the option is, try pressing Option key with Command key together then push ESC from the keyboard. Choose for Outlook showing in the force quit window choices and make a click on Force Quit.


Note: You won’t be able to quit finder

Open Outlook again and check making a click on Send/Receive. In case the problem still persists, visit next step

Step 2. Confirm whether you are connected thru Web

Try to ensure by logging in using web based mail account such as Google, Yahoo etc. that you have configured with Outlook for Mac. If you are not able to sign-in then in that case you need to contact your email provider to provide you the correct Username & Password; if you are able to sign-in then visit next step

Step 3. Check Entering your Username and Password Again from Start

As to enter your username with password follow the instructions

  • Open Outlook for Mac
  • On the toolbars, under Tools menu click on Accounts
  • From the left side of Window choose your mail account
  • Now enter your username and password
  • Make sure the entries of Incoming-Outgoing server are exact

Try using the Send/Receive button once again to Send/Receive mails on Outlook for Mac 2011