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How to Unhide Outlook Temp folder on Mac?

The present blog highlights the way as how to unhide Outlook temporary folder on Mac systems. The blog shall prove to be very useful for all those Apple Macintosh users who have the requirement to recover hidden files/documents from Outlook 2011, also called Outlook for Mac. The blog is equally useful for those who mistakenly or knowingly saved files in the temp folder of MS Outlook but are unable to retrieve them, because of failure in locating the Temp folder or the stored files and documents.


Procedures to Make Outlook 2011 Temp Folder Visible

The below explains procedure can be executed to locate the Outlook for Mac temporary folder. The steps given below prove to be the ultimate solution even if search attempts fail to locate the Temp folder. However, to locate the temporary files of Outlook 2011 configured on a Macintosh system, it is first necessary to acknowledge the exact location of it. The default storage location of Outlook for Mac temporary files like email signatures, opened attachments (like PDF documents, images, Word files, Excel spreadsheets, etc.), and other email content is:

~/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems/Outlook Temp

However, the problem is that sometimes the above given path cannot be accessed to find the temporary files because it remains hidden in some versions of Macintosh operating system. Thence, to locate the Outlook Temp folder the below mentioned steps can be followed:

Method 1

  • In Mac machine, open ‘Finder
  • In ‘Go’ drop down menu, select the option ‘Go to Folder…’
  • Then, type in the Temp folder location address: “~/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems/Outlook Temp” and thereby click on Go tab

Method 2

Alternatively, the following procedure can be executed:

  • Open Finder in Mac OS
  • Visit the drop down menu ‘Go’ and hold down the option key
  • Thereby, ‘Library’ option appears in the drop-down list
  • While still holding on the option key option ‘Library’ must be clicked upon
  • Thereafter, find ‘Caches’, then ‘TemporaryItems’ and finally ‘Outlook Temp’

Note – In this way, the Temp folder of Outlook 2011 can be located. Nevertheless, this is the temporary process to access the Outlook for Mac Temp folder sporadically, while still keeping it hidden.


Method to Unhide Macintosh Outlook Temp Folder Permanently

The below mentioned steps can be followed to unhide Outlook Temp folder on Mac permanently:

  • In Macintosh OS, open Terminal session by the path Applications/Utilities/
  • Type in the following command: chflags nohidden /Users/<username>/Library

(The <username> must be replaced with authentic username of user)

  • Finally, quit the Terminal session

Note – In this way, the Temp folder of Mac Outlook gets unhidden permanently and can be easily accessed by following the path that leads to its default location.

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