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How to Set-up Outlook for Mac 2011 Using Exchange Server

Are you amongst the ones who make use of Outlook for Mac 2011 mail client or wants to since the exact mail application is full of difficulties without a doubt that in response gives you trouble while opting for it. Quite the same happens with the process to set-up Outlook for Mac 2011 using Exchange server where in you are required to perform some of the operations on your own. Therefore without any further delay we should start the procedure and in order to set-up Outlook 2011 for accessing your Exchange UCSD account follow these steps given below –


Before initiating the process, make sure

  • That Outlook is actually installed into your computer however should not be in use with Exchange
  • You have your credentials with you of your AD (Active Directory) i.e. Username & Password. The username will be the first part of your UCSD mailing address. Kindly reset your Password in case you’ve forgotten it.
  • You hold an exchange account in the Campus Organization Exchange of UCSD

How to add an all-New Account

  • Make a click on the Go option from the Menu Bar then select Applications
  • Try to double-click on Office 2011 folder then a further double-click on icon of Outlook
  • Go for Tools then Accounts


Push Continue to Set-up

  • Push the Exchange Account icon or else click for the (+) increment operator placed at the lower left corner to opt for Exchange


Enter Exchange Account Info

  • Enter your UCSD email address Full official one
  • Choose Password along with Username
  • Again fill in your UCSD email Username and Password
  • Opt Configure Automatically
  • Make a click on ADD Account to complete Set-up

View Headers of Email Messages

  • Every other mail messages are consists of a Header. Headers are valuable when to trouble-shoot mail problems
  • Choose message from Inbox
  • Make a right-click to it
  • View Source clicking on it
  • Headers are actually the initial part of Info found on this precise page