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How to Create & Edit a Contact Group in Outlook 2011 for Mac

Easy way to grouping contacts from email addresses under a single name, by this setting one message to be sent to a contact will send to all recipients who are added into that group. From here you can comprise the contact groups in messages, meetings, task and in other contacts group as well. Additionally, you can add unlimited names in your current group list.

Steps to Creating a Contact Group-

  • Open Outlook 2011 -> Go to “Outlook” from the navigation bar -> “Preferences..”


  • Select “General” option from Outlook preferences


  • The option “Hide on my Computer Folders” should be unchecked


  • Click on “Contacts” option from “Home” section in new group -> click on “Contact Group


  • Put the name of the Group in “Name” field from the top bar



  • By double clicking on the name/email list, enter the name or email of any contacts you want to add to the list continue this process and add other contacts according to your requirement by clicking on “Save & close” button, then this list will be added to your contact folder.

Additionally, can edit on the same Contact group-

  • From the contacts -> Click on “Contact Group


  • For  making a change in this group name, edit in the text, for removing a member from the list, highlight the specific name, then click on “Remove” option from the toolbar, accordingly can add contacts by clicking on “Add” button from the toolbar.

  • After making all the change,  click on Save & Close button from the same toolbar


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